Hi! I’m Melanie, the designer behind Simply Melanie Jane. I’m a wife of a wonderful, supportive husband. I have one son and three stepdaughters. I relish in the coveted title of Grandma. Fur babies are also a part of my family, and I currently have two.

I learned to crochet at the age of 11, taught by my beloved mother. Even with 40 years of experience, I still learn new stitches and ideas about crochet every day. I love to come up with new designs to help beautify your home and everyday life.  I look forward to sharing all those ideas with you. 

I worked with dogs for 30 years, 20 in a no-kill animal shelter and 10 in a dog daycare.  So you will also find me with dog related crochet at TimmelCrochet. Recently, I started a new career path and work at the nonprofit Wigs For Kids.