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Amigurumi Unicorn Ornament Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Unicorn Ornament is the perfect stocking stuffer for the unicorn lover in your life. It’s cute and can be adapted to your liking with the safety eyes you choose, or embroider your own. The possibilities are endless when deciding on your mane colors.

As it is not an overly Christmas like ornament, it can be hung anywhere and enjoyed all year long.

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Pinterest Pin of a hand holding a white unicorn ornament with golden horn, black eyes, and blue/pink mane.

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Yarn Used

#4 medium weight in White ( I used Red Heart Super Saver) @50 yds

#2 or #3 weight for the Mane (I used a hand-dyed variegated) @20 yds

#3 weight for the horn (I used Paintbox DK) @5 yds

Small amount of any black to make nostrils

Other Materials Needed for Amigurumi Unicorn

12 mm safety eyes

Small amount of Poly Fil Stuffing

US-G (4 mm) hook

US-D (3 mm) hook


8″ in diameter


You will be working in the round for most of the pattern. Mark first stitch of each round.

Gauge is not important in this pattern.

Abbreviations Used (US Terms)

MR=magic ring

sc=single crochet


Inv dec=invisible decrease


sl st= slip stitch


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Amigurumi Unicorn Ornament

Head (Use G-hook 4mm)

Round 1: With white and using MR, 6 sc in ring [6]

Round 2: Inc around [12]

Round 3: sc next, Inc next, around [18]

Round 4: sc next 2, Inc next, around [24]

Round 5: sc next 3, Inc next, around [30]

Rounds 6-10: sc around

Round 11: sc next 3, Inv dec next, around [24]

Round 12: sc next 2, Inv dec next, around [18]

Insert safety eyes between rounds 7-8 with about 5-6 sts in between.

Begin stuffing and stuff as you work.

Round 13: sc next, Inv dec next, around [12]

Round 14: Inv dec around [6]

Cut yarn, leaving 6”. Weave through sts of round 14 and pull closed. Fasten off. Weave in end.


Round 1: With white and using MR, 8 sc in ring [8]

Round 2: Inc around [16]

Rounds 3-7: sc around

Fasten off. Leave long tail for sewing. Sew just below eyes, stuff before closing. Embroider French knots for the nostrils on round 3 on each side of nose.

Ears (Make 2)

Row 1: ch 2, sc in 2nd ch from hook, turn [1]

Row 2: ch 1, Inc, turn [2]

Row 3: ch 1, Inc 2x, turn [4]

Rows 4-5: ch 1, sc across

At end of row 5, do not fasten off. Ch 1, sc in end of each row up to point, 3 sc in point, sc in end of each row down other side of ear. Fasten off. Leave tail for sewing. Fold ear in half. Tack back half of row 5. Sew to either side of head to rounds 3-6.

A hand holding a crochet head, nose and ears of a unicorn

Horn (Use D-hook 3 mm and lightweight yarn)

Round 1: With gold or yellow and using MR, 4 sc in ring [4]

Round 2:  sc next, Inc next, around [6]

Round 3-8: sc around

Round 9: sc next 2, Inc next, around [8]

Stuff. Sew to rounds 3-4 in center of head in front of ears.

Unicorn Manes

You can use a lightweight yarn here or you can use a thicker yarn. I used lightweight and a D Hook.

Front Mane (make 2)

Ch 31

Sl st in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across [30] Do not fasten off.

Ch 31 again, sl st in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, sl st last st of previous ch, Repeat one more time. Fasten off.

Tack to rounds 1-2 on each side of head in front of ears directly behind horn.

Pins placed into mane on top of head of unicorn ornament to show where to sew the front mane.

Back Mane

Ch 41

Sl st in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across [40] Do not fasten off. Continue in the same fashion as the front mane until you have as many mane strands as you would like. I made 14.

The back mane shown as crocheted in all one piece.

Tack to top of head between ears directly behind front mane. Use floss or yarn to tie on a hanger in the center of the head.

I hope you enjoyed creating this amigurumi unicorn ornament. I made one for me and one for my granddaughter as we both are big time unicorn lovers.

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Until next time, have a Happy Day and Happy Crocheting!

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