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Autumn Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

I made this autumn wall hanging with the thought of changes in mind. We see many changes in life, just as we see in fall. Change is sometimes necessary to grow and learn. I view the leaves changing from green to gold, orange, and red, as a way for the tree to shed what is old and grow anew. The same as we sometimes need to shed and change what is not working in our lives or businesses. We leave room to grow and flourish.

Autumn Changes Wall Hanging was a labor of love. Why stop there? After change, comes a little fun right? Before I knew it, Winter Fun Wall Hanging appeared in my mind. A crochet friend encouraged me to keep going. So I thought, “We need to renew after changing our lives.” That brought me to Spring Renewal Wall Hanging. We deserve some relaxation after all the hard work of change and renewal. Summer Vibes Wall Hanging, brings us full circle.

I enjoyed the creation process and symbolism behind these seasonal wall hangings, and I hope you will too.

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A Pinterest pin of an Autumn Wall Hanging with leaves, which hangs on a coco colored wall.
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Supplies Needed for Autumn Changes Wall Hanging

#4 Cotton

I used Lion Brand 24/7 cotton MC 150 yds. {Ecru}, CC 1, 2, 3, 4  5-10 yds. {Tangerine, Goldenrod, Terracotta, Red},  CC 4 5 yds {Grass}

US G (4mm) Hook

Tapestry needle

12” long dowel or stick

Autumn Wall Hanging Release

This crochet pattern was featured in Autumn Exclusives, Curated by Cosy Rosie UK. Click the button below to go to the main blog hop hub to see the rest of the patterns featured.

Cosy Rosie Uk has curated a bundle of all 40 Autumn Exclusives patterns for only $34.95.

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You can have all these patterns, including mine. There are such beautiful patterns in this bundle, including accessories, garments, blankets, home décor, and items for children. I’ve already purchased the bundle myself and downloaded all the ones I want to make. Check out some of the designs below.

A collage of crochet designs including my autumn wall hanging. Scarfs, bags, garments, and hats are also shown.

Hit the button below to see and learn more about this fabulous bundle. Most of these designs would be between $4-6 typically, and you can get them at a steal of $.50 each for a few more days. You have gotten your money’s worth even if you only make 5 or 6 out of the 40.

All four seasons wall hangings

Autumn Changes, Winter Fun, Spring Renewal, and Summer Vibes have all been released. You will be able to purchase them separately, getting just the ones you want. Or there will be an option of getting all four in one lower priced Four Seasons Bundle.

All four hangings are made with Lion Brand 24/7 cotton to be durable and eco-friendly. Each pattern includes colors and amounts used. They also include some photo tutorials. I absolutely adored making them, and I hope you do too.

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