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Color Work Crochet Patterns

Transform your crochet projects with these color work crochet patterns, and discover the endless possibilities. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or a subtle, sophisticated piece, this round up of designs has everything you need to create stunning, multicolored masterpieces. What is your favorite color work technique? Tapestry, mosaic, C2C, Tunisian, stripes? You’ll find a little bit of everything of these from home decor to fashion accessories.

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Pinterest pin with color work crochet patterns including shawls, accessories, and home decor.

Lets delve into the different areas of color work crochet patterns

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

Overlay mosaic crochet is a technique of overlaying stitches on top of each other by using BLOsc (Back Loop Only Single Crochet) and FLOdc (Front Loop Only Double Crochet) to make intricate designs.

  • If you know how to single crochet and double crochet, you can do overlay mosaic.
  • Use different colors for each row. You do not turn but fasten off each row and start a new row.
  • The term “overlay” means you will be placing stitches over other stitches.

Tapestry Crochet

Tapestry crochet is a technique using two or more colors to create designs. You work with colors in a single row, changing between colors usually based on a design in a chart, The non-working color is carried along the back of the project or within the stitch. The resulting project looks like it was woven on a loom.

C2C Crochet

C2C (corner-to-corner) crochet is a technique used to create square or rectangular crochet projects, such as blankets, pillows, or even garments, by working from one corner of the piece to the opposite corner. This method involves crocheting small blocks, usually made up of double crochet stitches, that are worked diagonally across the project. Each block is added to the row in a staircase fashion, creating a textured, pixel-like effect. It is a fun and efficient way to create visually interesting projects with a different approach from traditional row-by-row crochet.

Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet, also known as Afghan crochet, uses a long hook and involves working with loops on the hook in a way that resembles a combination of knitting and traditional crochet. You can combine multiple colors to create patterns and designs.

Tunisian Crochet Basics:

  • Foundation Row: Start with a foundation row, where you create a series of loops on your hook.
  • Forward Pass: Work stitches across the row, picking up loops and keeping them on the hook.
  • Return Pass: Work back across the row, closing the loops on the hook without turning the work.

Stripes/Color Blocking

Using different colors to create stripes is an easy way to incorporate multiple colors in your crochet projects. It adds visual interest and variety in your crochet. Color blocking involves creating larger sections or blocks of different colors within a project. This technique is often used to make bold, graphic designs.

Wide Stripes: Use several rows or rounds of one color before switching.

Narrow Stripes: Change colors every row or every few rows.

Alternating Widths: Combine wide and narrow stripes for a varied look

Color work Crochet Patterns in the Colorwork Fun Blog Hop

All of the patterns below were featured in the Colorwork Fun Hop. If you missed the hop, check them out below. Many of them will still be available free on the designer’s website.

Meet the designers below. I’m sure you’ve heard of most of them. These ladies are super talented and have wonderful color work patterns to share with you.

Find the patterns below.

Geometric Mosaic Pot Cozy by Simply Melanie Jane

This pattern uses overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Leora Shawl by Exquisite Crochet UK

This pattern uses chevron Tunisian technique.

Stripey Fingerless Gloves by Carroway Crochet

This pattern uses simple stripes for a fun project.

Willow Floral Granny Coat by Craftopia Colllective

This pattern uses the Granny Square motif technique.

Lemon Placemat by Krissy’s Over The Mountain Crochet

This pattern uses stripes.

Fiesta Granny Mug Rug by The Crafty Therapist

This pattern uses a simple stripe of color.

Floral Flair Handbag by Straight Hooked

This pattern uses similar to the granny square technique.

Over The Rainbow Cape by Simply Hooked by Janet

The pattern uses stripes of color.

Rainbow Wall Hanging by Dreamee Crochet

This pattern uses stripes in a unique way.

Embrace The Elements Mug Rugs by Green Fox Farms Designs

This pattern uses the tapestry technique.

Lourdes Granny Stitch Shawl by Underground Crafter

This pattern uses granny stripes.

Houndstooth Potholder by My Crochet Space

This pattern uses the houndstooth technique.

C2C Laptop Sleeve by Straight Hooked

This pattern uses the C2C technique.

Tangerine Dreams Baby Blanket by Hooked For Life Publishing

The pattern uses Tunisian technique.

Cowhide Pillow by Banana Moon Studio

The pattern uses tapestry technique.

Reversible Rainbow Placemats by Concrete Gems Crochet

This pattern uses overlay mosaic technique.

Tunisian Color Block Wristlet by Creations by Courtney

This pattern uses the Tunisian technique.

Bumblebee Market Bag by SASS Crochet

This pattern uses a stripes technique.

Lemon Farmhouse Basket by Krissy’s Over The Mountain Crochet

This pattern uses fun stripes.

Thanks for joining along in this fun color work event! I hope you enjoyed all the patterns.

Pinterest pin of color work crochet patterns.

Like color work? Check out some of my other patterns below using these techniques.

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