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Crochet Tools Every Beginner Needs

There are few things the male/female population worships more than their crochet tools. To some, a tool is a natural extension of their arm. Therefore, Worship of Tools Day on March 11, is a logical day of celebration. Celebrate by using a tool or buying one or two. (Partial quote from

Close your eyes for a minute. C’mon, close them. Hey, no peeking! Clear your mind. Now, when I say “tools”, what is the first thing that pops into your head.

Does the picture in your head look something like this?

Being someone who crochets, when I think tools, it looks nothing like what you just pictured. My “tools” are completely different than the normal thought of them. Now, I am going to close my eyes and imagine.

Here is what my picture looks like.

A picture of various crochet tools including yarn, crochet hooks, scissors, stitch markers, and needles.

I love to support other handmade businesses. Here are the places you can find some of the tools shown above:

Hand dyed yarn from Yarn for the Masses and Loopy Luna Fibers

Handmade crochet hooks from Furls and Crochic Styles

Needle minders and Unicorn hook from Pedro’s Plaques

Now, if you are a person who crochets, you already know what I am talking about. Right now, you are unconsciously nodding, and daydreaming about your “tools.”

But if you are someone who has never picked up a hook, someone who is just learning, or wants to learn to crochet, I am going to take you on a journey through Crochet Tool Land. Even if you are a seasoned veteran, come along anyway. It is a beautiful day there. And its National Craft Month and National Crochet Week.

Follow the yellow crocheted road!

Crochet Tools

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Yarn, glorious yarn. We call it our Yarn Stash. Even though we have a wall of yarn, or bins full of yarn, or yarn stuck here, and yarn stuck there, and even though we will probably never use it all, we cannot help but buy more. It comes in different weights from #1 Super Fine to #7 Jumbo. There is wool, cotton, acrylic, alpaca, and more. Weight and type depend on the project you are making.

Pinterest pin with teal background with title Crochet Tools Every Beginner Needs. Includes a picture of yarn, hooks, scissors, needles.

What do we like more than buying yarn? Buying yarn in a sale, of course. Did you know that Furls is having an awesome sale through the whole month of March?

Discount codes during the entire month of March for both the US and UK, as follows:
US: March 1st – March 31st.

  • 15% off all orders
  • 20% off orders over $150
  • 25% off order over $250

UK: March 1st – March 31st

  • 15% off all orders
  • 20% off orders over £105
  • 25% off order over £175

You can click the picture below to add some much needed “tools” to your yarn stash. Wink, wink.

A picture of crochet tools laying on a wicker mat including Furls yarn and crochet hooks.

Crochet Hooks

The most essential of all crochet tools is the crochet hook. There are different sizes, different brands. They come in aluminum, wood, resin, and more. You can find ones that have glitter, ones that look like wands, and so on. I have one that has a unicorn on it. My mother taught me to crochet with Susan Bates aluminum hooks, therefore I still use them to this day.

I try to switch off to ergonomic hooks sometimes because my hands tend to get sore nowadays. My favorite ones are resin hooks made by Patty & Paul over at Crochic Styles

Stitch Markers, Needles, and Needle Minders are crochet tools.

Crochet tools including needles, needle minders, and stitch markers.

Stitch markers are crucial in some projects for keeping your place at the beginning of rows, especially when working in the round. They also help to mark rows for counting because who wants to keep going back and counting over and over again. Not me! The heart shaped ones, which say, “Dogs Leave Pawprints on our Hearts” are available at TimmelCrochet.

I use two types of needles. First, I use one with a sharp end for sewing, and second, one with a blunt end for weaving in ends. The biggest difference between a regular sewing needle and a needle for crochet is the size of the eye. A bigger eye is needed to feed the thicker yarn through.

A needle minder, which is magnetic and holds your needle, is not a necessity. Unless, of course, you are like me. No matter where I set my needle down on the table or my desk, it rolls off and on the floor. And now I’m crawling under the table, mumbling and grumbling with my cell phone flashlight, trying to find it. Believe me when I say, that is not a pretty sight!

Pinterest Pin in teal and coral colors with a picture of yarn, crochet hooks,  scissors, and needles.

Other Crochet Tools Needed

Scissors and patterns are necessary tools. Yarn bowls, yarn winders and swifts are a few others you might use. You can find some good deals for those on Amazon.

Check out some of my free patterns using these tools.

Vintage Honey Cuffed Scarf

Cozy Kitchen Towels

Waterlily Washcloth

If you are the type who prefers premium, downloadable PDF patterns, click either button below.

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Until next time, I hope you enjoy using all your crochet tools on Worship of Tools Day! Leave me a comment about your favorite one.

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