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Free CAL Every Day Wall Hanging

In this free CAL, you will make a unique home décor piece that changes as often as you like it too. It changes with the seasons, holidays, or every day. Why have several different crochet wall hangings that you have to take down and put up? The Every Day Wall Hanging allows you to leave up the hanging, but change the decoration.

This CAL will run for several months, with new appliques being released during holidays, different seasons, or for simple every day items. You will have options for Fall, Christmas, and for every season and holiday in between. I hope to have as much fun designing as you will have participating.

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Get ready to dive in to this super fun, scrap busting crochet along. I really enjoyed designing the appliques so far and can’t wait to get more ready.

A Pinterest pin for a free CAL for a wall hanging with snap on applique centerpieces.

Gather Your Supplies

Get all your supplies and yarn together. I used Lion Brand 24/7 cotton. It is one of my favorite yarns to work with, especially for home décor. The wonderful thing about the appliques, you can use up your scraps. I use Furls Ergonomic Hooks as now that I’m older, my hands seize up and stiffen more often. I used a US G 4 mm hook. It’s one of my go to sizes, especially with cotton yarn. Use a 12″ Plastic Canvas” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>plastic canvas, it keeps your appliques sturdy, whereas they won’t eventually turn floppy or curl up. This is optional, and you can choose to simply snap on the appliques without it. The larger metal snaps make it easier to get the appliques on and off. The wooden beads are totally optional. I like how they looked on the fringe. Make sure the beads are big enough that 6 strands of yarn can fit through the hole.

A graphic of the supply list for the free CAL.

How this free CAL will work

The wall hanging itself and one applique will release first. Depending on the season or holiday, or ideas that come to me, there will be at least one to two appliques releasing each month. They will all be free on this blog. There is also an option to purchase the Ebook on Ravelry. The first time you purchase it will contain the hanging and the pumpkin only. When each new applique comes out, your pattern will receive an update. This way you will have access to download and print out each pattern.

Purchase the Ravelry Ebook for access to all components of the CAL, including patterns for hanging and all appliques updated as they release.

An off-white crochet wall hanging with a pumpkin applique in the center hangs on a wall with a vase of flowers nearby. Available as a free CAL.
Pumpkin Applique

Supplies for Free CAL:

#4 Cotton Lion Brand 24/7 250 yds for the hanging and small amounts for the appliques(Use up your scraps)

US G (4mm) Furls hook or size needed to obtain gauge

Tapestry needle

12” dowel or stick

10 Large Wooden Beads with opening big enough for 6 strands of yarn {optional}

Plastic Canvas {if you would like your appliques to be sturdy}

Large metal sew-on snaps

The wall hanging measures 12″ x 9″. Appliques measures approximately 4-5″.


For the wall hanging: 6 (2sc, ch 2, 2 sc)=4” x 12 rows=4”

Skill Level:

Advanced Beginner +

Abbreviations Used {US Terms}


sc=single crochet



ch 2-sp=chain 2 space

tch=turning chain


yo=yarn over

MR=magic ring

dc=double crochet

sl st=slip stitch

Inc=increase {2 dc in same stitch}

Dec=decrease {sc 2 sts together}

BL=back loops

Picot=ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook


You will be working into the chain 3 for the hanging and ch 3 counts for the pumpkin.

If you prefer to have an ad-free, downloadable, printable PDF, use the button below to purchase. Pattern will be updated as each new applique is released.

A crochet wall hanging with a magenta flower in the center surround by pumpkin, sunflower, tree, and poinsettia appliques.

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Wall Hanging Instructions

Ch 43

Row 1: 2 sc in 4th ch from hook, ch 2, 2 sc next ch, *sk 2 ch, 2 sc next ch, ch 2, 2 sc next ch; rep from * until 2 ch remain, sk 1 ch, sc last ch, turn [41 sc, 10 ch 2-sp, ch 3]

Row 2: ch 3, (2 sc, ch 2, 2 sc) in each ch 2-sp, sc in tch, turn [41 sc, 10 ch 2-sp, ch 3]

Rows 3-36: rep Row 2 Fasten off at end of row 36. Weave in end.

Sew one of the two-piece metal snap to middle of hanging.

Attaching dowel or stick:

Align your dowel or stick evenly atop Row 1. Sc around the dowel and in each ch across row 1 of the hanging.

Fringe and Beads: Both are optional

Cut thirty 8” pieces of yarn. Insert hook into each ch 2-sp of Row 36. Take 3 pieces of yarn, fold over, insert on hook, pull through, yo, pull all strands through. Pull knot tight. Refer to video below.


Using the tapestry needle, thread each fringe through the hole in the bead. Push bead up to the knot. Mine were tight and stayed put. Depending on the size hole in your bead and if it slides and doesn’t stay put, you may need to tie knot at bottom of bead.


Chain the desired length of your hanger. Slip stitch in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across. Fasten off. Tie each end to each end of dowel. Block your hanging if desired.

Crochet pumpkin laying on a round, blue placemat. A burlap leaf and flowers lay near by.

Pumpkin Applique Instructions

Rnd 1: With orange, using MR, ch 3, 11 dc in ring, pull to close, sl st in top of ch 3 [12]

Work rest of Rnds in Back Loops.

Rnd 2: ch 3, dc in same st, Inc each st around, join [24]

Rnd 3: ch 3, Inc next, *dc next, Inc next; rep from * around, join [36]

Rnd 4: ch 1, sc same st, dc next 16, sl st next, ch 1, sc same st, dc next 16, sl st next [34 sts, 2 sl st] Fasten off. Weave end.


Join brown in the first of 2 middle sts at top. Refer to photo below.

Row 1: ch 1, 2sc in next 2 sts, turn [4]

Row 2: ch 1, Dec 2x, turn [2]

Row 3-4: ch 1, sc 2 , turn [2]

Row 5: ch 1, Dec 1x [1] Fasten off. Weave end.


With green, using MR, ch 3, (5 dc, Picot, 6 dc) in ring; pull closed but not tightly, sl st in ring, ch 5, sl st in 2nd ch and next 3 ch, sl st in ring. Fasten off, leaving tail for sewing. Sew leaf to back of pumpkin stem.

Using the applique as a measurement, cut a piece of plastic canvas a little smaller than the pumpkin. Sew the 2nd piece of metal snap to plastic canvas in middle.  Sew plastic canvas to back of pumpkin. Snap applique to the wall hanging.

What’s to Come in this free CAL

The next applique, Sunflower, will be releasing soon. Then will come Christmas ones. And more after that, so make sure you are following along.

Other appliques to come

Sunflower Applique is now available. Get it here

Poinsettia Applique is now available. Get it here

Christmas Tree Applique is now available. Get it here

Wine Bottle and Glass Applique is now available. Get it here

January Flower Applique is now available. Get it here.

Heart Flower Applique is now available. Get it here.

Shamrock Applique is now available. Get it here.

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Thanks for visiting. Come again real soon!

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  1. Lori

    Thank you for this CAL. I am really loving doing wall hangings and this one looks like it will be fun to do.

  2. Cat

    Love this heart flower! Thank you so much for this wall hanging CAL, what a great idea!

  3. Nqr Ofme

    I’ve not started yet as have visual issues so way behind all the CALs.

    I read through a bit if the text but wasn’t able to get through all of the pattern details

    However the part I read, if I read it correctly, I read that you have made the appliqués detachable, this is a brilliant idea.

    As my vision is not good, I haven’t been able to read for long, so I was just wondering if this was done via buttons, or snappers, velcro, clips etc?

    I am looking forward to having a go at this. My son brought me a walk hanging jit for Christmas, so this will help me to prepare for making that.

    My idea for appliqués has been to create some Christmas themed ones that could be interchangeable si can have different ones each tine So they not remain there.

    My sister needs a Christmas type that she can use when at work she can’t cope with jumpers, so I was thinking about making her a cardigan, adding a pocket type on one side, then attach the appliqués to the pocket

    I was thinking of snappers or buttons type of fastening or maybe even ribbon that could become part of the design. on a Christmas .

    Do you think it would work?

    Is it possibly a blog hop theme that could be created through you and your fellow designers, so for the first few blogs, we make either a jumper or a V-neck/Raglan styled cardigan in DK, either male or female or child even.

    So like week 1 or day 1: create the back of garment.
    Week 2 or Day 2, the fronts of the cardigans or the front of the jumper. Week 3 or Day 3 , the sleeves.
    Week 4 ir day 4, Finishes like,necks, button bands, sewing up etc.
    hen each day after that can be Christmas themed appliques either individual or a few together to create a scene.

    But there could be additional like making a hat ir scarf that the appliqués could also be attached to so like bonus patterns.

    Do you think that is feasible, would there be availability for different skills, so like easy/beginner, intermediate or the advanced/ experienced version, so covers all levels and all abilities.

    To finish, I would like to say thank you for your designs. I’m hoping that the visual issues will be sorted out soon so I can work for longer on my patterns.

    Thank you for your designs, I’m really looking forward to creating them and uploading the images of my efforts in the bear future.


      I’m happy to know you like the design. I used large metal sew-on snaps to make the appliques detachable. Good luck on your sister’s cardigan. I hope your vision issues get better!

  4. Mary

    I’ve only seen 10 appliques so far….will there be more coming? Or am I missing a link to the others somewhere?

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