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Invisible Join Crochet Tutorial

Learning the invisible join in crochet is a must technique to master. We’ve all been there. We crochet in the round and join the normal way. When we look at the finished product, we see the join line running through it. It looks unsightly, and we put too much work into for it not to look completely professional.

With just one change of how we insert our hook, an invisible join happens. In this post, you will learn the super easy way to do it.


Learn the Invisible Join in 3 simple steps

The invisible join is as easy as 1, 2, 3. See how to remove your hook and reinsert it in a way that will give you a flawless join. Once you master it, you will never go back to the old way of joining.

Step One

When you have finished your last stitch and you are ready to join, remove the loop from your hook.

Step one of Tutorial of invisible join method.

Step Two

Instead of inserting your hook from front to back in the stitch like you would normally do, insert it from the back.

Step two of invisible join method.

Step Three

Place the loop back on your hook, pull your yarn a little to tighten, and pull through. Join complete with no visible tell.

Step three of invisible join method.

As you will also see, I did double crochet in the back loops for my circle. Sometimes, your circle will start to curl up, especially if you are crocheting too tight. When doing baskets or plant cozies, I prefer this method as it keeps the bottom of the basket flat.

For the more visual learners, check out the Invisible Join video below

I hope you enjoyed learning this super simple method of joining in the round. Put your new found skills to work. Check out either of my free crochet basket patterns below.

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