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Self Care For Crocheters

As much as those of us who crochet love to do it all day long if we could, our bodies (especially those hands and shoulders) and our minds need to take a break now and then. Self care for crocheters is important. Once we begrudgingly put down that crochet hook and yarn with a longing in our eyes and a heaviness in our hearts, the next question is, “Now what?”

Lucky for you, if you keep scrolling, you will find 6 ways to take a break from crochet without the feelings of withdrawal. No feeling guilty for setting your beloved WIP down on the table and walking away.

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The Importance of Crochet and Self Care

You’ve been crocheting all day and as much as you think about having good posture while doing so, you’re all hunched over. You’ve been sitting there for hours. Your hands are throbbing and your shoulders feel like heavy weights. We’ve all been there. Oh, what we do for the love of our craft!

But, in order to keep doing what we love, we need to think about ourselves. Self care for crocheters in not only important for the body but for the mind as well. Maybe you have frogged that blanket one too many times. Maybe you’re a designer who is struggling to get your project to turn out as you had imagined. This is the time to force yourself to put that crochet down and take some time for yourself.

What if I told you though, even when you take a little crocheting hiatus, it doesn’t mean crochet is totally gone from your day. Read below the 6 ways to take a break from crochet, but still keep it close to your heart.

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Talk A Walk

Two blond girls taking a walk down a path filled with greenery and flowers getting in a little self care.
Photo Credit: Clarisse Meyers-Unsplash

Head out the door. Get some fresh air. Maybe by yourself or grab a crafty friend who also needs a little crochet fatigue relief. You can think or talk about the projects you are working on or what you want to make next. If you’re truly lucky, maybe your feet will take you to a craft shop or yarn store that might be on your stroll. After all, no one said taking a break from crocheting means you can’t look at pretty yarn. Hint: Bring your wallet!

Visit A Craft Store Or Yarn Shop

Photo of cream, yellow, blue and green yarn.
Phot Credit: Sarah Vombrack-Unsplash

You’re strolling along the craft shop with aisles filled to overflowing with beautiful yarn. A whole wall of gorgeousness to look at and mix and match a palette. A colorful smorgasbord! When you run your hands over it, you can’t help but give it a little squeeze. This in itself is enough sometimes for a little crochet stress relief. And if a few of those little yarn beauties manage to sneak into your cart, all the better!

A Little Light Reading As Self Care For Crocheters

Photo of a blond woman taking a little self care by cuddling up on a white couch with a blanket and book. A gray cat sits on the back of the couch.
Photo Credit: Paige Cody-Unsplash

The craft store may have a really nice crochet book that catches your eye. A plethora of wonderful stitches for you to try or a book of designs you want to make. Or maybe on your walk home, you pop into the library, pick a book, and do a little light reading. Maybe cuddle up with that crochet blanket you just finished while searching in your new book of crochet stitches.

Coloring Book For Crocheters

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Photo of a Crochet and Color Book and coloring pencils.

What’s better than a coloring book? A coloring book filled with pages of crochet images, yarns, hooks, granny squares, and more just for crocheters. The ideal crochet timeout activity, which will allow you to play with color theory for your next project. Or you can spend some quality time with your kids. Share with them what you love about crochet while they color away. 40 pages of crochet coloring goodness. The Crochet & Color Book by Juniper & Oakes is available as a paperback on Amazon, which also makes the perfect gift for all your crafty friends.

Crochet and Color Book

Erin also has a digital PDF Ebook version of this coloring book if you’d like to pick and choose your images and print the pages yourself. Check it out HERE.

Organizing Your Craft Room/Area

Wall of shelves filled with different colored yarn.
Photo Credit: Paul Hanaoka-Unsplash

Okay, now you return home with your bag of yarn and crochet books. You head to your craft area, and if it’s anything like mine, a bit of a disarray. It’s the perfect time to organize or rearrange your craft space. After all, you have to fit that new yarn and crochet books somewhere. Tidying up will not only allow you to unwind from crochet, loosen up those stiff muscles, but it can allow the creative juices to start flowing. I know when I clean up my craft room, I feel I can be much more productive.

Immerse Yourself In A Little Quiet Time For Self Care

A silhouette of a woman facing a setting sun taking in a little self care.

Now, you’re at home and the day is coming to a close.

  • Sit
  • breathe deeply
  • take in a sunset

Lose yourself in the moment. Then quietly contemplate the next project you will be starting with that brand new yarn you just bought!

Or you can also be super silly like me. Make some barbells out of yarn and dowels, do some exercises, and post it on Reels.

A woman using yarn and dowels to make barbells for a little silly exercise for self care.

I hope you enjoyed my ways of taking a break from crocheting without taking a break from crochet.

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