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Handmade Gifts For The Holidays

Handmade gifts are always the best way to go for the holiday. When you purchase a ready made handmade item or have a crafter custom make it for you, the person receiving it will feel as though you’ve taken the time and thought to prepare a special gift for them.

Giving from your heart during the holiday season is the best feeling of all. Not only do you give that special someone a unique gift, you help to support the small businesses of the crafting world.

In this round up post of fabulous handmade gifts, you are sure to find the perfect one for everyone on your list.

Pinterest Pin with handmade gifts including a hoodie with a dragon and balls of yarn, a yellow sun pillow, hat/scarf set, and brown/green scarf.

The shops included in this post ship from the US, UK, and Canada.

Handmade Gifts to Wear

Ribbed Striped Scarf from Cosy Rosie Makes

Blond girl, standing in front of a brick building wearing a handmade brown and green striped scarf and brown coat.

This beautiful tan and green scarf will not only keep you or your loved one warm, but stylish as well. It’s long enough to wear down or wrap it around. I’m sure there is at least one fashionista on your list who would absolutely love this as a gift.

Bulky Yarn Set by Hook & A Stitch

A gray set including hat, ear warmer, scarf and fingerless gloves.

This bundled set includes hat, ear warmer, scarf, and fingerless gloves. Several color options available. The perfect gift to keep your friend or family member warm and toasty this upcoming winter season.

Large Mosaic Cellphone Bag by J2CraftworksLLC

A crossbody cellphone bag in light blue and navy with a set of car keys nearby.

You put on your favorite outfit and realize you don’t have any pockets for your phone. That’s not an issue with this nicely detailed crossbody cellphone bag. Many lovely ladies on your list would love to have this beautiful and functional gift.

Billy Gibbons/African Nudu Hat by Crochet Essentials Co

A handmade gray dreadlocks beanie on a styrofoam head

Who on your holiday list would love this unisex hat? Who wouldn’t? It’s fun and keeps your head warm on those blustery days. That’s a win win!

Colorful Pink Photo Prop by Paulette’s Panopoly

A handmade pink pig hat and diaper cover photo prop for a baby.

Don’t forget the baby on your list. How adorable will they look in this cute set from On The Farm series? There are other sets available as well. These always make for wonderful photo memories.

Handmade Gifts for Fiber Artists

Crochet Graphic Hoodie by Rebekah Haas Crochet

A beautiful woman with black curly hair wearing a gray hoodie with a picture of a dragon with yarn balls. A gray and white geometric background.

There are so many neat gifts in this shop for fiber artists like this Yarn Hoarder Dragon Hoodie. You will find mugs, shirts, bags, and more. It may be hard to pick just one, but who says you have to, especially if you have a lot of crafters to buy for.

Glitter Crochet Hooks by CCbyFran

A handmade holographic, ergonomic crochet hook with stars and spirals on the base with a pile of glitter sitting beside it.

Most every crocheter loves pretty hooks to work with. You will be dazzled by all the holographic glitter hooks this shop has to offer and definitely find one for the crafter in your life.

Handmade Home Decor Gifts

Lever du Soleil Mini Wall Hanging by smalltownca

A handmade green circle crocheted wall hanging with a small stick and long fringe.

A beautiful accent piece for the home decorator on the list. Help them liven up a plain, boring wall. The name means Sunrise so it’s very fitting that it looks like a sun rising. Available in two colors with long fringe or short fringe.

Yellow Sun Pillow by Petal Stitch Boutique

A  crocheted yellow sun pillow with embroidered sleeping eyes and mouth.

This cheery pillow is sure to brighten up a family members day, and I bet you know just the person who would adore this handcrafted gift.

Granny Square Chevron Throw by Simply Melanie Jane

A crocheted blanket in the chevron pattern with pink/coral like colors laying across a black leather sofa.

Bring a touch of color and texture to a sofa or chair. Does someone on your list like to cuddle under a warm blanket on those chilly winter nights? Then this blanket is definitely the gift to give.

Handmade Gifts For Dog Lovers

Puppy Dog Ornament by TimmelCrochet

A small christmas tree with several different colored handmade dog ornaments hanging on it.

You can’t forget the dog or dog lovers from your list. With these cute ornaments, you are sure to win Christmas this year. Several colors and styles to choose from.

Dog Headbands by TimmelCrochet

Two stuffed dogs, one is wearing a bow headband and the other is wearing a flower headband.

A cute headband to match a favorite sweater. Or just to make wonderful photo memories. Available in bow or flower in several colors. Can be made to fit any size dog. I bet you know a dog that would look adorable in this.

A photo collage of several different handmade gifts including scarf, wall hanging, crochet hook, baby photo prop outfit, and cellphone bag.

Hopefully, you found the handmade gifts you were looking for or found some that turned out to be ideal for someone on your holiday list. You may also find some in a previous post of mine Crochet Home Decor Trends.

Thank you so much for supporting the small businesses featured in this list. I know they truly appreciate YOU! Please feel free to share with other people you think may benefit from their hard work.

May the holidays fill your heart with joy and love!

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