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Wigs For Kids Crochetathon Fundraiser

Wigs for kids is a non-profit founded by Jeffrey Paul that provides wigs for children free of charge who suffer from hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, burns, etc. I recently started working there, and it is such a wonderful organization. I’m currently trying to raise $1800, which is the cost to supply one child with a wig. You will not only help provide a wig to child in desperate need, but you can help them regain their self-esteem as they look and feel themselves again.

The crochet community is one of the most generous, giving communities I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of it. They are Crochetmous! That is why if you donate at least $3.00 (I hope you will consider more), I will give you a coupon code for a free pattern of your choice through Ravelry from either of my businesses, Simply Melanie Jane or TimmelCrochet. Click either picture below to see what patterns are available.

One of two businesses supporting Wigs For Kids. Banner logo for Simply Melanie Jane in the colors coral and teal. Logo is the letter S with M and J on either side.
One of two businesses supporting Wigs For Kids. Logo for Timmelcrochet is Red and Blue. Logo is a drawn dog with a bone in its mouth.

Wigs for Kids Donation

So if you’d like to help out and put a smile on a child’s face, you can make your way to my fundraising page. SIMPLY MELANIE JANE CROCHETATHON or click below.

Help me reach my goal of $1800 which will provide one wig for a child like the one below. This organizations provides wigs to children all over the USA and other countries.

Wigs For Kids Hair Donation

I know times are tight and many struggle to make ends meet. Do you have really long hair and thinking about cutting it? If you are unable to donate financially at this time, consider making a hair donation. Did you know it can take 20 + ponytails to make one wig? Go to the Wigs For Kids Website to learn how to donate your hair and all the requirements for doing so.

How To Get Your Free Pattern

Once you donate at least $3.00 or more, contact me directly through Facebook or Instagram @simplymelaniejane or @timmelcrochet with the name you donated under, and I will give you the coupon code for your free pattern. Feel free to keep checking back on my fundraiser page or here to see the donations in the tube rise ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!

Please share with your family and friends so they can donate as well, whether they crochet or not.

But Wait, There’s More

Wigs for Kids is also hosting a Virtual Holiday Mart. You can get all your holiday shopping done and support a good cause at the same time. So many different vendors in categories like Home D├ęcor, Clothing, Candles, Food & Drink to name a few. Click the image below to start your relaxing shopping experience.

You can also find some handcrafted gifts here:

Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

Several pictures of crochet items including a scarf, wall hanging, crochet hook, bag, and baby outfit.

Here are some other free patterns available right here on my blog.

Cotton Face Scrubbies

Bobblidy Boo Basket

Cotton Washcloth

Thank you so much for your support and generosity for this wonderful organization. A child somewhere in the world has a big smile on their face thanks to you.

Logo coral S with M and J on either side of it

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